DRACULA TOUR (16 hours)

Bran Castle, Dracula's Horror House, Gifts Market, Ethnographic Park: Located between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains, was imposed by strategic and economic reasons at the end of the XIV century as fortress. Here Vlad Dracul (Dracula) stayed few years of his adventurous life. Between 1920-1947, as Royal Residence, the castle suffered a series of architectural renovations, lead by the Czech architect Karel Liman, who also worked at the castles Peles and Pelisor. Two towers for stairs were added, the bulwarks and the shooting gaps became windows, the stoves and the hearths became modern fireplaces. www.brancastlemuseum.ro www.draculascastle.com (175km;10.00h-11.30h)

Bran 0 Bran 1 Bran 2 Bran 3 Bran 4 Bran 5 Bran Vlad the Impaler

Sighisoara, the Medieval Town, Dracula's House: This gorgeous town with its history of thousands of years is the home of Saxons, Romanian and Hungarians. The beautiful middle age town of Sighisoara, built on a hill in Tarnava Valley, is the best preserved medieval old town with inhabitants in Central Europe. You can also find the house were Vlad Dracul (Dracula) stayed few years of his adventurous life. www.cetatea-sighisoara.com/uk/ (145km;14.00h-16.00h)

Sighisoara 1 Sighisoara 2 Sighisoara 3 Sighisoara 4 Sighisoara 5 Sighisoara 6 Sighisoara Dracula bornhouse

Brasov, the Medieval City: In the centre of Romania, Brasov is an old medieval burg, a city surrounded by the most famous mountain resorts, a great place for relaxation so hard to find in other great urban agglomerations. The Citadel of Brasov, one of the strongest citadels in Transylvania, hosts arround "Piata Sfatului"-"Townhall Square" the most representative Gothic monument in Romania, the Black Church, built around 1380, partially destroyed by the great fire in 1689, with the largest organ of 4000 pipes in South-East Europe, and also the first Romanian school, churches and cathedrals, museums, medieval weapons collection and restaurants with traditional cuisine. www.brasovtravelguide.ro/en/ (120km;18.00h-20.30h)

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Return in Bucharest: (175km;23.00h).
Price: 125 EUR (1 person), 145 EUR (2 persons), 165 EUR (3 persons)
Guide, driver, new car and all tickets included. Starting hour: 07.00h

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