Bran Castle, Dracula's Horror House, Gifts Market, Ethnographic Park: Located between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains, was imposed by strategic and economic reasons at the end of the XIV century as fortress. Here Vlad Dracul (Dracula) stayed few years of his adventurous life. Between 1920-1947, as Royal Residence, the castle suffered a series of architectural renovations, lead by the Czech architect Karel Liman, who also worked at the castles Peles and Pelisor. Two towers for stairs were added, the bulwarks and the shooting gaps became windows, the stoves and the hearths became modern fireplaces., (175km;10.00h-11.15h)

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Rasnov Medieval Citadel: It is an old peasant refuge fortress unique for its style and position with its first documentary attestation from 1331. The fortress is very impressive due to its position among several mountains. The fortress was built by the Teutonic Knights on a calcareous rock 150 m high. Inside the fortress there is a well 143 m deep. The outer walls were 5 m tall and the fountain inside the walls is 98 m deep and took 15 years to dig. Entrance is made through a massively fortified tower, an outpost half-round Bastion provided with numerous firing outlets and arrow loops and with a wall-walk for the defenders. The Saxon villagers would take shelter there during sieges. (15km;11.30h-12.30h)

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Sibiu, the Medieval City, 2007 European Cultural Capital: The Citadel of Sibiu was for centuries one of the largest and best fortified in Europe. The city has two easily walk able levels: the "lower town" which contains most of Sibiu's historic sights, and a charming aggregation of old houses and cobbled squares, and the "upper town", the citadel with its walls and towers from 15th and 16th centuries : Harquebusiers Tower, Potter Tower, Carpenter Tower , Thick Tower, Gunpowder Tower, Tanner Tower. The Citadel was surrounded by walls and defense towers, some of these are still very well preserved and give us a clue of how they looked like hundreds of years ago. (145km;15.00h-19.00h)

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