Slanic Prahova - Salt Mine, Salt Lake, Green Stones: You have the occasion to descend by the original elevator 208m underground in a former salt mine, the biggest of Europe. Now it's a health resort in a constant climate (13*C) with impressive galleries, playgrounds and some salt sculptures about Romanian history. In neighborhoods it's a swimming place in the Baia Baciului salt lake, in an amazing environment: the Salt Mountain, unique in Europe. The Green Stones sight offers a panoramic view of the Slanic valley. Slanic Prahova is a famous balneoclimateric resort, well-known for respiration health benefits. (115km;10.00h-12.00h)

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Sinaia - Peles Castle, Pelisor Castle, Sinaia Monastery: Peles Castle was King Carol I of Hohenzollern's favorite residence. Built between 1873-1915, it distinguishes itself by its particular architecture, comparable to the most famous palaces in the world. It holds impressive plastic and decorative art collection. In 1899 King Carol I built a castle for heirs Ferdinand and Mary the Pelisor Castle, the most expressive Art Nouveau style monument of Romania. The collection from Pelisor includes Romanian and European painting masters, furniture and decorative art pieces.,, (85km;13.30h-15.30h)

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Return in Bucharest: (125km;18.00h).
Price: 90 EUR (1 person), 105 EUR (2 persons), 130 EUR (3 persons)
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